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   Lighting Up My Resin!

 Wait! Wait! Spoiler alert, no resin was hurt during the making of this project, I promise! 
The lighting of my resin consisted of battery-operated fairy lights, some supplies you can get at your local craft store or order online! 


The process was a little easier than it long as you have patience for the process.  No patience, I can't tell you what your project will look like, but if you had fun doing it then hay that's equally important! 

In my video I created this lovely letter D and a coaster set, I will be only discussing the process of the letter D.  If you have any questions about the coaster process, feel free to drop me a message. I will leave the supply list for both projects below.  


It is so important to work the clay, so you are working with a solid piece of clay, you don't want any plaster seeping into your clay.  Make sure your clay is thick and pressed down so no plaster can leak out of the sides or bottom.  You want the clay a little taller than the height of the letter to prevent overspill when you pour your plaster.  There is no correct shape for your clay, it's your project, have fun with it!


I used the measurements directed by the manufacturer for the plaster, and my consistency was pretty close to pancake batter.  Ok SUPER important, to prevent you from sanding like I did.  When pouring your plaster, try and make your plaster level flush with the rim of your mold.  Gently tap your mold on the table to get rid of any air bubbles, if you mix well, you shouldn't have any.  In the picture you can see on the smaller plaster pour I didn't add enough plaster.  You can also see why it's important to make the clay a little higher and thick, so it is strong enough to hold the plaster in place.  Also, this plaster took 30 minutes to dry so that I could remove the clay.......gently.  I tossed the clay, it had plaster on it. 


It's time to pour resin 😃!  First, please make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions on handling your resin.  I recommend a respirator, gloves, and proper airflow in your room, you don't want to be sitting in those air fumes after you are done pouring.  For this project, I used KSRESIN Epoxy Resin and KSRESIN Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy Resin for my final topcoat. When placing your flowers make sure you gently work the flowers down in the resin, so they are covered.  Another learning point during this project is to make sure when you are putting your flowers down.  Make sure you know what side the front will be, on so your flowers are facing the correct way.  Luckily with I could flip my letter upside down and the letter still looks like a D. For some letters that might not work.  This will also be important when you place the light switch string.  I let my resin cure overnight before moving on to the next step. 



The fairy lights came wrapped around a small piece of cardboard, so to get the coil look I wanted.  I just wrapped the lights around a pencil and pulled the pencil out and had my coil of lights.  When putting the lights down, there isn't a magic technique, that I know of.  You just have to lay them all over your mold until you are happy and turn the fairy light on to make sure you are getting light spread all over as equally as possible.  I apologize for this photo, I didn't have a better picture of my lights being placed. 


OK! Are you ready for an extremely teachable moment!  I used KSRESIN Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy Resin, I really like this product!  But there is no time for piddly farting around when it comes to this great product.  I think I was messing with the coasters and realized I needed to get in gear in mixing my mica powder and alcohol ink in the resin fast!  I had about 5 minutes before the resin started hardening.  You will see in my video the white resin literally started hardening while I was pouring.  It was a mad dash to get the resin poured and hope I didn't ruin my fairy lights with the heat of the resin reacting.  To redeem myself I will show you coming up a video of me using the KSRESIN Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy Resin correctly and promptly!  I let my mold sit for 3 days because I decided to add an additional clear coat of resin on top of the colored resin, which is how I got resin on my plaster. 


As I said before this was my first time doing this project and I learned so much.  In the video you will see I did get a rip my mold, this was definitely a user error.  But just remember to be patient and learn your products, each mistake is a learning lesson.  I really love the way this turned out for my first go at it!

I hope this was helpful to you, I would love to hear any comments or questions you may have, until next time have a beautiful day! 


-Let’s Resin Large Letter Mold:

-KSRESIN Epoxy Resin:  Liquid Art Ultra UV™ Epoxy Resin - UV Resistant Art Resin – KSRESIN

-KSRESIN Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy Resin: Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin - Fast Drying Clear Epoxy – KSRESIN

-Coaster Silicon Mold/ I couldn’t find the exact mold but I did purchase it at Joann.  This is a different set, but I have used this brand.  Color Pour Resin Mold Coaster | JOANN

-Perfect Plaster Quick Drying: Perfect Plaster 4lb Bag | JOANN

-Air Dry Clay: Model Air 2.2 Pounds/Pkg-White (

-Wire String Lights (Battery Operated): Bloom Room 25 ct LED Mini Gold Wire with Warm White String Lights | JOANN

-Monster Liquid Latex-used to protect the backside of resin coasters:

-Dried Flowers in coasters and letter mold:

-Dried Flowers in letter mold:

-Bauer Drill for sanding: 

-Silicon (Baking) Mats:

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